Mike and Tawni grew up in the Mountains of Northern California. Mike in Siskiyou County and Tawni in Trinity County.

Living in a house that is over 50 years old and has a fireplace in it built with native rock by her Father, they have come back to their roots.

Tawni and Mike met while both were working in the trucking industry. They were Teamsters and built Highways, hauled glass and airfreight.  Disillusioned with the “system” they decided to break out and follow their dream.

As lifelong Cannabis users, it seemed natural to become producers of the most amazing and valuable plant on the planet and to be part of an emerging education and legalization paradigm.

Mike and Tawni believe in the complete legalization of marijuana for all adult use and the regulation and control of it like any other product.  No one should go to jail for using a safe and effective plant.

The Farm

Our region of California produces world class growing conditions most suitable to Medical Cannabis.  We work with these conditions to produce high quality Medication, free of pests/pesticides, phosphates and pathogens.  Our members enjoy farm direct fresh meds at one of the lowest allocation fees in the state.

Grace Farms, is a California collective farm, organized under the Attorney Generals guidelines and applicable state law including H&S 11362.5 and SB420.  It is located in the heart of the “Emerald Triangle.”

Grace Farms is a place that believes in the miracle plant Cannabis and it’s ability as a medicine.  We believe that no one should suffer when there is a family who cares.

We believe that Cannabis has unique spiritual healing abilities and that atmosphere can play an important role in your healing.  We have taken these beliefs and put them in action and the result is Grace Farms.

Grace Farms Collective is committed to providing our patients a safe, reliable alternative in dealing with chronic pain.  Cultivating premium quality and offering an assortment of strains in flower and concentrate, we are committed to the highest level of hospitality and service in our mission.

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More to come….